International Student 2021/2022



Undergraduate Study Programs

Accounting*, Actuarial science, Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering, Agrotechnology, Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Arabic Literature, Archeology, Architecture, Bachelor of Dental Science*, Bachelor of Medicine*, Bachelor of Veterinary medicines, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering*, Communication, Economic Development, Electrical Engineering, English Literature, Environmental Engineering, Fisheries Post-Harvest Processing Technology, Fisheries Socio-Economics, Food Science and Technology, Forest Conservation, Forestry, Forestry Engineering, French Literature, Geological Engineering*, Geophysics, Governmental Science, History, Indonesian Literature, Industrial Engineering, Informatics, Information System, International Relations*, Japanese Literature, Legal Science*, Local Language and Literature, Management*, Management of Aquatic Resources, Mandarin Language and Chinese Culture, Marine Engineering*, Marine Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Naval Architecture, Nursing Science*, Nutritional Science, Ocean Engineering, Pharmacy, Physics, Physiotherapy, Plant Protection, Political science, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Health*, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Soil Science, State Administrative Law, Statistics, Urban and Regional Planning, Utilization of Fisheries and Marine Resources

Master Study Programs

Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering, Agroindustrial Engineering, Agro-technology, Animal Science and Technology, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Biology, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication, Electrical Engineering, English Language Studies, Environmental Engineering, Farming System, Fisheries Science, Food Science and Technology, Forestry Science, Gender and Development, Geological Engineering, Geophysics, Governmental Science, History, Hospital Administration, Indonesian Language, Indrastructure Planning Techniques, Industrial Engineering, Informatics, Integrated Coastal Resource Management, Legal Science, Linguistics, Management of the Environment, Marine Science, Master of Accounting, Master of Dental Science, Master of Development Economics and Planning, Master of Management, Master of Management Science, Master of Microfinance, Master of Pharmaceutical Science, Master of Regional Finance, Master of Resource Economics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Midwifery Science, Mining Engineering, Naval Architecture, Notary, Nursing Science, Occupational Health and Safety, Physics, Plant Pest and Diseases Science, Political science, Public Administration, Public Health, Regional Planning and Development, Sociology, Statistics, Transportation, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Management

Doctoral Study Programs

Accounting, Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Anthropology, Architecture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication, Development Studies, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Economics, Electrical Engineering, English Language Studies, Fisheries Science, Forestry Science, Indonesian Language and Literature, Legal Science, Linguistics, Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Health, Sociology


What Does It Cover
  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Dormitory on Campus
  3. Living cost
  4. Visa processing
  5. Book fee
Applicant Need to Cover
  1. Personal living cost
  2. Airfare ticket (return)
  3. Study Expenses
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Emergency Fund
  6. Other Expenses

  1. Be a non-Indonesian citizen
  2. Be proficient in English (Indicated by a certificate of English Proficiencies)
  3. Demonstrate commitment to their chosen field of study
  4. Be willing to purchase health insurance for the rest of their study

  1. A copy of the latest academic Certificate and its English translation
  2. A copy of the latest academic transcript and its English translation
  3. A copy of passport
  4. A copy of curriculum vitae (with lost of publications for the doctoral applicant only, if any)
  5. A passport-sized photo with a red background
  6. A recommendation letter from the previous university
  7. A recommendation letter from the employer (if any)
  8. A copy of the TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC certificate or a letter from a previous university stating that the Language of instruction is English
  9. A copy of the Indonesian Language Proficiency certificate, it this is not available, you will need to take an Indonesian Language course at Hasanuddin University
  10. A copy of the research proposal for doctoral applicant
  11. A study plan
  12. Insurance
  13. Medical Statement


The candidate should complete the appropriate application forms and upload all the required documents to

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Shahidul Islam, Bangladesh

I am Shahidul Islam. I'm currently studying at the International Undergraduate Programs Faculty of Public Health at Hasanuddin University. The reason why I choose this university because All around Indonesia there are very few Universities that have international classes, The education system is completely followed by the International base standard. Here all the professors are very helpful to serve the foreign students. I wish there will be more foreign students who can study here from all around the world. It is a good chance for you all, so don't miss it.

Palmira, Timor Leste

My name is Palmira Maria Horta, I’m from Timor Leste and I’m a master's student in the Forestry Faculty. I Choose to study at UNHAS because near to my country and Unhas one of the best universities in Indonesia. In my opinion, the campus environment very welcome, students, lecturers, and staff very helpful and very friendly, and my supervisor is supportive of my research and writing thesis ideas.

Emily, Australia

My name is Emily, I’m from Australia and I'm doing, my Ph.D. researching language and identity at UNHAS. I Choose to study at Unhas because it’s the best university in Eastern Indonesia, where my research is based, and it has a long history in linguistic research as well. I’ve found the staff to be very helpful and friendly, and my supervisors are supportive of my research ideas. I look forward to continuing my studies here over the next few semesters.