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Testimony: Shahidul Islam From Bangladesh
Friday, Aug 02, 2019 | by Agus Salim in testimonials

I am Shahidul Islam. I’m currently studying at the International class Faculty of Public Health at Hasanuddin University. First of all, I want to inform the reason why I choose this university. All around Indonesia there are very few Universities that have international class, Hasanuddin University is of them. One of the most attractive things to study here is that Hasanuddin University has collaboration with 10 good Universities like in Australia, UK, and Belgium. All of them are top rankings University in the world. In Faculty of Public Health, it has collaboration with Griffith University at Brisbane in Australia. Other Faculties of UNHAS have also the same collaboration. The education system is completely followed by the International base standard. Here all the professors are very helpful to serve the foreign students. I wish there will be more foreign students who can study here from all around the world. It is a good chance for you all, so don’t miss it.

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